Tips for being a dog-gone good parent to your new pet

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Whether you just adopted your new dog from a local shelter, a breeder or a store, there's nothing better than bringing him home. Here are a few tips to give your new friend a safe and happy welcome.

Tips for being a Dog-gone Good Parent toyour new pet

Secure Your Home from any choking hazards at his eye level, and use pet gates when you’re away.

Establish Family Duties of who will walk, feed, groom and bathe your pup each day.

Gather Necessary Supplies like an ID tag, collar, doggie bed, grooming supplies, toys, crates, leash and a food/water bowls.

Stock Up on Quality Nutrition so he doesn’t go hungry. The shelter should provide a small bag of Hill’s dog food to get you started.

Prep the Other Pets  by letting them smell each other’s items before they meet.

Choose a Vet and schedule a visit with them for a wellness check-up.

Set a Schedule of mealtimes, bedtimes and walks. The sooner the better.

Begin Potty Training ASAP and train him often to avoid any destructive behaviors.

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