Four Steps to a Healthier Dog

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Four Steps to a Healthier Dog

How to make sure your dog attains his ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life.

1. Track your dog's weight
Losing weight can propel your dog toward better health, but only if the weight is lost in a healthy, controlled manner. To make sure your dog is losing weight at a normal pace, make sure to weigh your pet regularly, use a weight tracking chart to track your dog's progress, and asses your dog's body condition score regularly.

Tip for the Scales:
Most veterinarians' offices have a scale available to use free of charge

2. Include healthy activity
When you feed Hill's® Science Diet or Hill's® Prescription Diet® dog food you know your dog will be eating healthy. However, your dog's weight management program isn't complete without a healthy amount of physical activity. Whether it's a game of fetch or a walk in the park, make sure your dog is getting the physical activity he needs to get and stay healthy.

3. Visit your veterinarian often
Make frequent visits to your veterinarian to ensure that your pet's weight management program is going smoothly. Your veterinarian knows your pet's ideal weight, how fast he should be losing weight and which foods are best for each stage of the weight management plan.

4. Maintain an ideal weight for life
Your dog's weight management plan shouldn't be temporary. Once your dog has attained his ideal weight, switch to a simple weight maintenance plan that consists of regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Your dog may gain or regain weight more easily than others. Breed, age, food selection, state of health and a variety of other factors can determine how quickly a dog gains weight, and what kind of nutrition he needs to help control it. If you think your dog might be in need of a weight management program, ask your veterinarian for advice.


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