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Your New Kitten

Introducing your new cat to your household

Bringing a new cat home is an exciting time!

The right food for your kitten

Your kitten needs precise levels of essential nutrients to stay her healthiest throughout life.

Getting started with training

You can turn your cute, rambunctious kitten into super kitty by taking a little extra time to shape the behaviors and personality you want her to have as an adult.

Your cat's first month at home

Get a handle on the basics in the first month for a proper start to a healthy relationship.

Creating a cat-safe household

While your home may be the most comfortable place your cat will ever know, it can also be the most dangerous.

Food for thought before feeding your new cat

Choosing the right cat food for your special pet's specific needs is one of the most important choices you'll ever make.

Start scratching right

Cats scratch and climb to leave their scent and visual markings, to sharpen their claws and to stretch their legs.