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Adult Cats 1 - 6 years

Routine Care

Hairballs: The trouble with fur

Cats are meticulous groomers, often washing themselves several times a day.

Signs of good health

When you visit your veterinarian, be sure to bring up any questions or concerns regarding your cat's health.

Exercising with your cat

For cats, regular exercise helps prevent obesity and its associated health risks.

Four steps to a healthier cat

How to make sure your cat attains her ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life.

When your cat smells trouble with a skunk

Cats in Alaska and Hawaii don't come across many skunks, but a chance encounter is entirely possible throughout the rest of the United States, especially in warmer weather.

Why hairballs? What can you do?

At some point, most cat owners will step into a pile of something that looks and feels like anything but hair and wonder, "Does my cat do this on purpose?"

Cats and neutering

There are surgical procedures that can make your cat unable to reproduce.

Grooming your cat

Cats are extremely clean animals, but even the most fastidious cat will benefit from a little help with grooming, especially if they have long hair.

Choosing the right veterinarian for your cat

Next to you and your family, a veterinarian is the most important person in your cat's life.

Tips on taking your cat to the veterinarian

Help make your cat's trip to the veterinarian safe and less stressful.