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Mature Adult Cats 7+

Living With Cats

Cat proofing your home

Playful and intelligent cats investigate objects by touching, chewing and tasting them.

Planning a safe holiday for your cat

Here are some helpful tips on keeping your pets healthy, happy and safe during the holidays.

Have a safe halloween with your cat

For pets and their families, Halloween should be a time for caution.

Winter tips for your cat

With temperatures dipping, your cat will need a little special attention to stay warm, happy, healthy and safe in winter.

Enjoy summer with your cat

Whether your cat lives outside or has the chance to explore only now and then, here are tips to ensure she stays safe.

Helping your cat cope with loud thunder and fireworks

It's not uncommon for a cat to be afraid of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks.

Relocating with your cat

Cats develop strong bonds with their environment so house moves are potentially stressful.

Managing allergies to cats

There's a lot you can do to make your life easier if you have allergies and a cat.

Cats and children

Children and cats can live and play together wonderfully, provided they can respect one another.

Meeting your cat's needs in winter

Changing weather means changing needs for your cat, especially during the winter.

Meeting your cat's needs in summer

Warmer weather can present particular challenges to your cat.