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Stay Informed to Optimize Your Cat's Health

Signs, symptoms and what you can do to keep him healthy

Keep your cat healthy by keeping yourself informed. Learn about the warning signs and symptoms of many common cat diseases. You can also pick up a few recovery tips to help speed up the healing process. Choose from the items below to read about a certain disease.


Allergic Dermatitis

What causes skin conditions in cats?


Dental Disease in Cats

Good dental health is important for your well-being, and it's very important for your cat's health, too.


Diabetes Mellitus in Cats

Just like in humans, diabetes in cats is serious, but manageable.


Allergy and Food Intolerance in Cats

Allergies aren't fun for anyone, but especially not for your cat who can't tell you what's making him so sick. If your cat vomits frequently, has diarrhea, irritated skin, a poor coat condition or hair loss, then he may have a food allergy.


Gastrointestinal Disorders in Cats

Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and disease affect a cat's stomach and intestines, resulting in pain and other problems.


Heart Disease in Cats

Are you ever amazed at how your cat acts like a person? If only we could protect our cats from developing the same diseases as people.


Kidney Disease in Cats

The kidneys, the frequently forgotten but life-sustaining organs, remove waste from the bloodstream and regulate fluids in the body. If the kidneys are not able to do their job, the result could be life threatening for your cat.


Liver Disease in Cats

The liver performs numerous important functions for your cat's body, including filtering toxins from the bloodstream. Because the liver works to rid the body of so many different substances, it is susceptible to damage from many different sources.


Serious Illness, Accidents and Surgery in Cats

Imagine being hurt or injured and not able to ask for what you need to feel better. That is exactly what your cat feels during a serious illness, or after an accident or surgery.


Urinary Tract Disease in Cats

You already know that the food you feed your cat is extremely important to her overall health. But feeding the wrong food can contribute to the development of a urinary tract disease - called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).


Weight Management in Cats

Did you know that obesity affects more than 50 percent of America's pet population? If your cat is overweight, she can develop all kinds of health problems such as painful arthritis, heart disease, breathing difficulty, diabetes and even bladder cancer.